What are additional LockLid™ Features?

Jensen MetalTech recommends using steel lids with the TraxPlate™ slip resistant surface. Exclusive to Jensen MetalTech, TraxPlate™ is a patented process of creating a truly slip resistant surface. Though LockLid™ lids are also available in diamond plate and smooth steel, TraxPlate™ provides an additional safety feature in areas with pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic where slip and fall accidents may occur.

Bryce Fastener Security BoltsLockLids™ feature Bryce Fasteners. Bryce is the world leader in high security locking screws. The Arizona based company engineers and manufactures locking bolts and screws with distinctive heads that require a special key to open.

The keys are strictly controlled by Bryce assuring that they go only to the end users. Unlike other tamper resistant bolts on the market such as penta head, the keys are not sold in any retail outlets, online, or through distributors. Bryce also designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind security bolts and screws for customers who what their own, unique key.

On the exterior, the LockLid™ K Series of lids also feature specially designed pick holes. For added security, the pick holes are smaller than others on the market today. When the lids are locked into place on the boxes, the braces under the lid actually seal off the pick holes. The sealed pick holes offer several advantages, i.e. potential thieves cannot get a bolt or other device through the holes; dirt and debris cannot fall into the box; nothing can be stuck through the holes that may come into contact with wiring inside the box.

Another attribute of the LockLid™ is the addition of a grounding lug eliminating the need to be retrofitted at the time of installation.

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What are additional LockLid™ Features?

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