Specifying TraxPlate™


Raw: The surface as applied will be the typical color of the material (Le. aluminum or steel).

Painted: TraxPlate can be painted to meet the customer’s color requirements using water or oil based paints or epoxies. Note, however, that the application of paint will partially reduce the slip-resistant characteristics of the plate. Coarse or medium texture is recommended for painted finishes.

Galvanized: TraxPlate steel materials can be provided with a hot-dip galvanized finish per ASTM A123.  As with all wire spray finishes, care must be taken during the plating process to avoid chemically attacking the bond layer of the surface. Refer to TraxPlate plating guidelines for specifics.

Surface Roughness

TraxPlate Fine Texture No Slip Surface
Fine TraxPlate Finish


The fine texture approximates that of 80 to 100 grit sandpaper, with an average particle size of approximately .010″ to .015.” This finish provides similar slip resistance characteristics to other finishes. The finer texture should be used where a courser finish would be undesirable. For example, where falling on an excessively rough surface could cause personal injury, the finer texture may be preferred.

TraxPlate Medium Texture No Slip Surface
Medium TraxPlate Finish

With fine texture, special consideration should be given for additional finishes such as paint or galvanizing, which tend to fill in the texture and reduce slip resistance.


Medium roughness approximates that of 36 grit sandpaper, with an average particle size of approximately.020″ to .030″. This finish provides excellent durability and slip resistance and is the default finish when unspecified.

TraxPlate Course Texture No Slip Surface
Course TraxPlate Finish

The medium finish accepts most paints and galvanizing without a significant loss in slip resistance.


Coarse roughness results in an average particle size from .030″ to .040″. This is a preferred finish when maximum slip resistance is needed, when thicker coatings are to be applied, or where dust and debris would otherwise fill in the texture and reduce its effectiveness.


TraxPlate Material Specifications

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