Electrical Agencies

Each Year, we manufacture thousands of access hatches, doors, covers, and grates for utility companies and agencies. Jensen MetalTech provides our customers with industry leading engineering designs and load testing to insure maximum service life and minimize problems.  We manufacture steel and aluminum access hatches, doors, covers, and grates for electric, power, and other energy related utility projects including:

  • Electric Distribution & Transmission Pullbox, Manhole, Trench, & Vault Covers
  • Telecom & Fiber Optic Pullbox, Manhole, & Vault Covers

Jensen MetalTech will custom build to any specified design or requirement. We can provide a variety of options on any of our products such as:

Spring Assist Doors For Easier Opening
Various Locking And Security Features
Various Ways Of Marking And Identification.

We also have a vast array of standard products and sizes available for many electrical utilities including:

Utility Box Security Lid YouTube

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