Aluminum H-20 Incidental Traffic Hatches

Aluminum Access Covers – Vehicle load for off-street locations

Models CAA & CA1 H20

Cover Assembly, Steel, Single or Double Door, H20 Incidental

Open Steel Access Hatch

These hatch assemblies are constructed of aluminum and available with single or double door access. Assemblies are available as adjustable torsion, drop-in style covers (AT), or cast-in torsion (CT). We use an aluminum frame and top plate, with either a diamond plate or TraxPlate™ slip-resistant surface. These covers are engineered and constructed for H-20 incidental traffic loading suitable for off-street locations.

Standard Sizes

Aluminum H20 Incidental

Model Size (inches) Single/DoubleDoor
Width Length
CAA1-2424 24 24 SINGLE
CAA1-2430 24 30 SINGLE
CAA1-2436 24 36 SINGLE
CAA1-3036 30 36 SINGLE
CAA1-3636 36 36 SINGLE
CAA-3036 30 36 DOUBLE
CAA-3042 30 42 DOUBLE
CAA-3048 30 48 DOUBLE
CAA-3060 30 60 DOUBLE
CAA-3636 36 36 DOUBLE
CAA-3642 36 42 DOUBLE
CAA-3654 36 54 DOUBLE
CAA-3660 36 60 DOUBLE
CAA-4848 48 48 DOUBLE
CAA-4860 48 60 DOUBLE
CAA-4878 48 78 DOUBLE
CAA-54102 54 102 DOUBLE
CAA-6060 60 60 DOUBLE
CAA-6072 60 72 DOUBLE
CAA-6690 66 90 DOUBLE
CAA-7272 72 72 DOUBLE

Features & Options

Top Plate Options

DP: Diamond Plate
SR: Slip Resistant


“Z” Frame, 3″ Above Vault, 6″ OA


1″ Dia. Pin 90 / 180 Degree

Latch Options

5B: Penta Head Bolt Down
5C: Penta Head Cam Style
6B: Hex Head Bolt Down
6C: Hex Head Cam Style

Lift Assistance

Torsion Rod

Finish Options

G: Galvanized
P: Painted
R: Raw

Hardware Options

Z: Zinc Plated Steel
S: Stainless Steel

TraxPlate Slip Resistant Surface

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